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Choose from one of our 6 live-stream ready podcast and video production studios in Dallas.

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  • What a view! This studio has a skyline “infinity” window view as an exciting backdrop for your show.
  • The Talk Show Studio holds a live-studio audience of up to 60 guests.
  • The Talk Show set is one of our larger studios, and up to 6 hosts or guests can be recorded on camera at once.
  • This studio has a headline news type of feel.
  • The skyline “infinity view” backdrop is makes every shot look big.
  • The Newscast studio features a custom-built authentic news desk, and it’s the same kind used by local news media.
  • This studio has a multiple-camera setup with live switching.
  • Like all RNCN studios, this studio features custom RGB lighting.
  • This studio is ready to go live streaming on Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, and more.
  • The Broadcast studio is very adaptable and is a good fit for almost any show
  • In particular, this studio is perfect for panel discussions of up to 4 guests
  • The mid-century studio features custom RGB lighting, and you can change the lights to match your outfit or show logo.
  • This studio is live stream ready
  • Spacious room for an audience of up to 20 guests
  • 3-camera setup for multiple filming angles and solo shots for guests
  • Custom RGB lighting tailored to compliment your logo, outfit and brand
  • Live stream ready to Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Zoom, and more

How Our Studios Help You Start Your Podcast in Dallas

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Podcast Studio Options

Choose from one of our various state of the art studio options. Each and every studio has a different style to match your brand.

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Dedicated Podcast Production

Each of our clients gets their own producer to handle all of the podcast recording, technology, equipment, production, and editing for your show.

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Social Media Posting

Your producer will stream and post the video from the episode to your Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn Live pages, as well as upload the audio to all of the major podcast platforms.

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Podcast Logo Branding and Design

We help you create your show's brand by designing your podcast logo, cover art, and a custom animated video intro sequence to tie it all together.

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