FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Some of the most common questions that we are asked, answered for your convenience.

We have RNCN Podcast Studio locations in:

  • Access to the podcast studio of your choosing
  • A dedicated professional podcast producer to assist you with branding, produce your show in real time, and post your episode to social media and podcasting platforms
  • Live show production (switching cameras, pulling up videos/graphics, adjusting audio levels, etc. – all in real-time)
  • Graphic design and branding for a unique podcast show logo, as well as an animated intro video sequence
  • Posting the video version to your social media profiles, and distributing the audio version to the major podcast platforms

The pricing for our podcast rental & production services can vary depending on the duration of your episodes and the studio you are recording in. Contact us for a quote.

As long as you’d like! However, we consider one standard podcast episode to be around 30 minutes long.

Awesome! We can on-board your existing show into our process – no problem.

Absolutely! In all of our live-streaming studios, we are able to bring in guests from all over the world.

By default, all studios have four cameras:

  1. Solo camera for host
  2. Solo camera for guest
  3. Camera for a wide shot (host + guests)
  4. Ultra-wide/overhead shot (we call it the “God-cam”)

However, based on the needs of your recording, we are able to add a fifth camera for an additional shot.

Yes. Each of our podcast studios can be rented by the hour, by the episode, or on a recurring basis each month.

We’re unique from other podcast production companies, which often provide the space and equipment, and nothing else. We do much more to make starting a podcast as easy as possible for you:
  • Our studios are designed to look great on camera, not just sound great through headphones
  • Were full serviceour producers handle all of the editing, production and posting for you, so you can focus on being the host.