How It Works

The process we follow launch your first podcast episode or video production project.
Step 1 - Podcast Producer

You Get a Producer For Your Show

This is your person. Your wingman/woman. They will work with you to handle everything for your show, including:

  • Cameras and microphone set-up for you and your guests
  • Help with branding, music and animated intro sequence
  • Live-edits and production your show while you’re on air, bringing up lower-thirds, video clips, and anything you want to show your audience during your episode
  • Streaming and uploading your finished episode to your social media profiles and the major podcast platforms
  • Tips and advice (if you want it!) for how you might improve your next episode
Step 1 - You Get a Podcast Producer
Step 2 - Choose a Studio

You Choose Your Studio

Choose from one of our state-of-the-art video podcast studios for your first episode.

You are free to schedule time in any of the studios and change from episode-to-episode, as long as it is available during your requested time!

Step 3 - We Make a Logo and Branding Your Podcast

You Get Your Professional Show Branding

Our designers and your producer work with you to create a unique, professional brand identity for your show, including:

  • Show Logo
  • Podcast Cover Art
  • Backdrop to be played behind you on the studio TV
  • Animated intro and outro video for your show (with voiceover and theme-music, if you’d like)
  • Social media profile setup for your show (if you want to make standalone pages)
Step 3 - We Create Your Podcast's Branding (Collage of Podcast Art Work Collage)
Newsroom studio
Step 4 - You Record Your Episode with Our Producer in Our Studio

You Record Your Episode

We’ll have your studio set up when you get here with your custom logo, lights, and any multimedia assets you’ve sent us for your show.

Then, you get to do what you do best… look good on camera and start talking!

Sit down with your co-hosts or guests and have a conversation while your producer takes care of everything else. After you’re finished, enjoy a glass of wine or some coffee on us.

Step 5 - We Distribute Your Show

We Stream, Upload & Post Your Episode

If you plan on streaming live, your producer will stream your episode to any platform that supports live streaming. Most commonly this includes Facebook, Youtube, and Linkedin Live, but we can also stream to Rumble, Zoom Webinars, and more.

Your producer will post the episode to your social media platforms and upload the video version to Google Drive for you to keep

Then, we take the audio from the episode and distribute it to everywhere podcasts are listened to: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, as well as many others.

Opportunity to Appear on the Jeff Crilley Show

The Jeff Crilley Show is a daily video podcast featuring experts, thought leaders, and industry moguls.

Begin building your brand by applying to appear as a guest.

There is no cost to be a guest on the show.